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air conditioning repairBelow are some of the most common troubleshooting issues our customers have experienced. If you are experiencing problems with your unit, try some of the instructions below. If you find that none of these suggestions resolve the issue you are experiencing, please do not hesitate to call us at (225) 261-5843.

If your system is not cooling properly, check for the following:

Check for open doors or windows in your home and if you find an open door or window close them immediately. Check for escaping air, as you may need to seal, caulk, or use weather stripping to prevent escaping air.

Check the thermostat. It may simply be that it’s turned off or set incorrectly. You may have to turn it on and/or off to reset the thermostat.

Check the circuit breaker/fuse box outside, connected by conduit to the outside portion of your air conditioning system. Reset if needed.

If you feel air coming from the indoor vents, but it doesn’t feel cool, the outdoor unit may not be running properly. Causes could be a frozen line between the fan and the compressor. A temporary solution is to turn off the thermostat and leave off for 1-3 hours. If this does not resolve the issue, contact a professional.

Check your filter, and if the filter is clogged, air will not flow, resulting in a frozen-over air evaporator coil inside. Replace your filter often. We recommend a filter change at least bi-monthly.

If the system is not heating, try the following:

Check thermostat settings. Be sure the fan switch position is “auto,” the selector is set to “heat,” and the desired temperature is set.

Check the unit to make sure it is switched on and not unplugged.

Check the outdoor portion of the unit to make sure it is running. If not, check the “disconnect” circuit breaker in the box on the wall near the unit.

Press the reset button on the unit inside. The button is usually located near where the refrigerant line enters the unit.

If your home was recently remodeled or any work has been recently done, you may want to have the fuel lines checked. Make sure the gas has been turned back on.

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